Harley-Davidson Skull Floor Mat, Black



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This unique floor mat is a universal size designed to fit most vehicles and includes a pair of mats, one each for the driver and passsenger sides. Mats are trimmable, but actual fit will depend on your vehicle's individual year, make and model. This design adds customized style to any vehicle while protecting the vehicle's original flooring. Made of durable, easy to clean material with incredible graphics, they have a bold and cool look that’s sure to make your floor mats stand out on the road. All color detailing is poured into the actual mold during the manufacturing process so it will not peel or fade over time. These skull design floor mats will have your vehicle feeling fun, sporty, classy, and fashionable everywhere you drive. Due to being packaged compactly, please lay flat in the warm sun for a while before installation; the mats will flatten out in the heat. | Harley-Davidson Skull Floor Mat, Black

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