Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield Floor Mat and Seat Cover, Set, Black




Plasticolor’s 4-Piece Bar & Shield Floor Mats and matching Sideless Seat Covers are perfect for any Harley fan. This listing includes one (1) Set of Front Floor Mats (driver and passenger side mats) and two (2) matching Sideless Seat Covers (driver and passenger side). These items are all a universal fit size, designed to fit most vehicles. Individual fit will depend on the vehicle’s exact make, model and year. Sideless Seat Covers do not wrap around the sides of the seats, so they will not interfere with your vehicle's air bag system. Seat must have a detachable headrest and installation straps must fit between the front and back of the seat between the bottom cushion and back support portion of the seat for proper installation. These fun products add customized style to any vehicle while protecting the vehicle's original interior. Made of durable, easy to clean materials with high-quality graphics, these products add a bold and stylish look that’s sure to make your vehicle stand out on the road. Due to being packaged compactly, please lay flat in the warm sun for a while before installation; the mats will flatten out in the heat. | Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield Floor Mat and Seat Cover, Set, Black

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